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21 year old: ‘Truly’ “the Exceptional”

Described as “just so sexy!” - the Glencadam 21 year old is definitely named correctly as “the Exceptional”.

The Jim Murray’s 2014 Whisky Bible has just been released. This comprehensive directory of over 4,500 whiskies categorises, scores and illustrates each whisky in an individual manner; and on this occasion Jim Murray has not failed with his unique depiction of the Glencadam 21 year old.


He begins with “just so sexy”, a hopeful opening to a 10 line long paragraph! He follows this by “The sugars have a sparkle in their eye while the malt carries a lemon sharpness which breaks up the heavier aromas. A nose to take 10-15minutes with, as the clarity allows you to see a long way [...] ”.  He provides a truly magnificent portrayal of the Glencadam 21 year old which finishes by complementing this particular expression and furthermore the Glencadam Distillery: “as one of the great Scottish single malt distilleries. So good is some of their whisky, this ‘exceptional’ bottling is almost becoming a norm”.


Simply wonderful!